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Future Goals for Brazil

We have three big goals for our future ministry in Brazil. They are church strengthening, church planting, and camping ministry. You will see a brief description of each of these below:

church strengthen

Church Strengthening:
We desire to serve the Lord in Brazil through a church strengthening role for about 3-4 years when we first arrive in 2020. The goal is to help a local church that is in need of ministry help. The idea is to help a local pastor who may not have the resources or personnel in the church to help grow the congregation. 


Church Planting:
Our desire is to start a church in the large city of São Paulo. We are already planning and praying through this. There is a possibility to start a daughter church of New Life Baptist Church (the church we served in the past) in the future. 


We have a big dream to one day be able to purchase a facility to be a blessing to the churches in São Paulo. But until we have the resources to do so, we will continue having our annual youth camps during the Carnival holiday by renting facilities and providing a camp experience for youth to grow deeper in their knowledge of Christ.